San Ramon Valley

Unified School District

San Ramon Unified School District

The San Ramon Master Plan required the construction of seven primary education facilities and one high school at Dougherty Valley.

Over the last decade San Ramon has welcomed more than 11,000 new families bringing over 7,000 new students to the District.

Public-Private Partnership Developers:

Brookfield Homes Shapell Industries Lennar Communities Centex Homes
Dougherty Valley High School

Represents nearly two decades of work.
Housing 2,400 students, the school has:

> Top-Tier Sports Facilities

> Theatres for Community and Educational Programs

> Olympic Class Swimming Pool

> High-Quality Sports Fields

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Dougherty Valley High School Coyote Creek Elementary School Coyote Creek Elementary Coyote Creek was the first school in the state built through a
Public-Private Partnership!

> Opened in 2000

> Room for 900 students

> Meal Services provided!

> Huge public gym and parks

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Windemere ranch Middle School
Windemere Ranch Middle

Windemere Ranch was the first middle school built through Public-Private Partenerships in California!

> Houses 1,200 students

> Completed in 2005

> Multi-Purpose Gym

> Represents nearly two decades of work

Gale Ranch Middle School Gale Ranch Middle School > Space for 1,200 students

> State of the art multi-purpose auditorium

> Extensive parks and fields

> Walking distance from most serviced homes
Live Oak Elementary School
Live Oak Elementary

> Live Oak was completed in 2016

> Newest school in SRV

> Room for 900 students

> Neighborhood Centered around Accessibility

Quail Run Elementary School Quail Run Elementary > Quail Run was completed in 2005

> Updated Architecture and Construction

> Provides space for 900 students

> Outdoor courts and fields
Hidden Hills Elementary School
Hidden Hills Elementary

> Hidden Hills was completed in 2002

> Room for 900 students

Bella Vista Elementary School Bella Vista Elementary > Bella Vista is the newest school in the District, completed in 2016

> Modern design and materials

> Room for 900 students

> Gym with food service and kitchen

> Playgrounds, parks, and courts at the school