Unified School District

Great Parks Neighborhood
A FivePoint Community

A beautiful community is blooming in the desert. Situated on a former marine base outside Irvine California, this fully integrated community is a pristine example of the benefits of public-private partnerships. Between the replanted heritage trees and the resplendent parks and facilities, a network of bike and walking paths connect the many unique spaces that make Great Parks, Great. With an eye towards building healthy, integrated, easily-accessible communities, Great Parks represents the future of building and the future of public-private partnerships in the State of California.

New Students K-8 Schools High Schools
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Cadence Park K-8

Opened in 2018 to serve nearly 1,200 new students. Collaboration is key, and this ethos is reflected in the many communal learning spaces and facilities throughout the school such as gardens and gymnasiums. The developers integrated additional areas, like the illumination room and media center, to help promote creativity and foster this collaborative environment through unique educational experiences. These exceptional facilities make Cadence Park an award-winning school that showcases the many benefits of collaboration.

Beacon Park K-8

Opened in 2016 with room for 1,200 new students. Focused on health and integrating with the community, Beacon Park represents a safe, modern learning experience minutes away from homes and dozens of recreational activities. Bike paths and covered walkways crisscross the school and neighborhood, bringing the community right to each families doorstep. With outdoor classrooms, parks, gardens, fields, play structures, a seperate and enclosed Kindergarden, huge multi-purpose gymnasium, specialized music and scence classrooms and more! Fully integrated communities never looked so good!

Portola High School

Opened in 2016 with space to house 2,500 students, this state-of-the-art facility embodies modernity. The developers added living-roofs, a student center with massive attached library, 3-court gymnasium, extendable classrooms, fields, gardens, professional grade theatre and more! This school epitomizes the future of the building industry; by integrating eco-friendly building practices and relevent teaching spaces, districts can focus on education without worrying about money, space, or sustainability.

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