Unified School District

The Dublin Ranch Master Plan

View of Dublin and Dublin Ranch Development

This Master Plan constructed 3,000 housing units along with three schools, parks, and more to service the new Dublin families. The schools along with most of the housing development was completed in 2011

This project involved the city of Dublin, the Dublin Unified School District, and the Developer Braddock and Logan; a public-private partnership which was the driving force behind the development of the Dublin Ranch Master Plan.

The Dublin Ranch Master Plan is a health-conscious, modern living experience surrounded by world-class parks, golf-courses and school facilities, thanks primarily to the success of these partnerships.

Braddock & Logan Dublin Ranch Schools, LLC

Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School
Eleanor Murray Middle School

~ Completed in 2005

~ Facility has room for 1,000 students

~ Large open field

~ Huge Gymnasium/Multi-Purpose Room

~ Food Service Provided!

Harold William Kolb Elementary School Harold Kolb Elementary ~ Completed in 2011

~ Room for 750 Students

~ Intelligently Designed and Integrated with Community

~ Several Adjacent Parks

~ All Within Walking Distance For Residents
John Green Elementary School
John Green Elementary

~ Completed in 2007

~ Room to Support 750 Students

~ Set in the Heart of the Community

~ Volleyball Courts, Playground, Fields, Basketball Courts

~ Huge Gym/Auditorium for a K-5

~ Integrated for Community Use